Learn how to touch type training keyboard for teaching typing mastery.  Easily show or hide key visibility by turning on or off key lighting.  KeyMaster Learning Lights Keyboard with blank or visible keys for student keyboarding instruction

Original Learning Lights Keyboard with Blank or Visible Keys for Touch Typing Mastery

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The KeyMaster Learning Lights keyboard has revolutionized how keyboarding skills are taught to young learners.  This keyboard is a must-have for teachers and students  working towards keyboard mastery.

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Benefits to student learners:

  • Eliminate tendency for typists to look at their fingers while typing
  • Increase student success in touch type mastery
  • Memorize the keyboard faster and better than a traditional keyboard
  • Significantly improve typing speed (WPM) and accuracy
  • Dual-purpose show/hide keys can be visible for standard computer use and blacked out during keyboarding instruction
  • Tailor learning by turning on or off specific keys during touch type practice
  • Engages students and creates opportunities for new fun ideas and activities 
  • Practice keyboarding skills free from physical obstructions

Keyboard features include:

  • On/off backlighting quickly shows or hides the keyboard lettering
  • Slightly modified key layout eliminates keys confusing to young learners, including: Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, and Insert
  • Slightly curved (not flat) key surfaces allow for easier key-by-touch identification
  • Customizable settings allow user to easily black out specific keys
  • Full-sized keyboard with numeric keypad for full functionality
  • Compatible with all keyboarding software
  • Standard USB connection
  • Compatible with Windows OS, macOS, and Chrome operating systems
The Key Master Learning Lights keyboard has revolutionized how keyboarding mastery is achieved. This keyboard is a must-have for teachers, parents, and students working towards touch type mastery. The Learning Lights keyboard was designed by teachers experienced in keyboarding education and is uniquely tailored to improve keyboard mastery. This keyboard promotes key memorization with its patent-pending backlighting feature, so key letters and numbers can be blacked out at the touch of a button.

Learners can memorize the keyboard better and faster by eliminating the temptation to look at the computer keys while typing.

Visible lettering can be restored at any time with the click of a button for full keyboard visibility on other activities. The Learning Lights Keyboard also simplifies the keyboard by removing certain keys that tend to be pitfalls for new typists. For example, the Insert and Num Lock toggle keys have been eliminated so that emerging typists don't accidentally press them and think their keyboards are malfunctioning. With this innovative approach to keyboarding education, the Learning Lights Keyboard is a better way to learn to key by touch.









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