Learn to type Keyboards

Significantly improve student

typing speed and accuracy

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Learn to type keyboard for student and classroom use for typing instruction and keyboard mastery

Finally, a keyboard designed by teachers, made for students!

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A Must Have for Keyboarding Classrooms

Keyboard covers are a thing of the past with KeyMaster's Learning Lights Keyboards.  Show or hide key lettering during touch type practice.

Benefits to Student Learners


Higher Proficiency Rate

• Significantly improve student typing speed (WPM) and accuracy

• Memorize the keyboard faster
and better than a traditional keyboard

• Higher rate of student keyboarding mastery

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Tailored for Classroom Use

• Dual-purpose show/hide keys for maximum classroom versatility

• Eliminate tendency for typists to look at their fingers while typing

• Practice keyboarding skill
free from physical obstructions

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Customize Student Learning

• Tailors learning to individual student needs by turning on or off specific keys

• Improves student engagement in keyboarding practice

• Creates opportunities for fun new classroom learning activities

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Keyboarding Promotes Advanced Digital Skills

In today's tech driven world, advanced computer skills are essential in preparing students for the careers of tomorrow.

Proficient touch typing frees up cognitive working memory,
allowing learners to focus on advanced digital tasks
rather than the process of typing.

Why we teach keyboarding

Teaching children how to properly touch type may be the most important skill you can give them to help them gain success in the work place.

Adam Fort, Ratatype

When a student learns to touch type like a pro they become more confident and more likely to perform well academically.


There is nothing more fundamental in programming than the ability to efficiently express yourself through typing.

Jeff Atwood, Software Developer

teachers love our keyboards!

I love that not only can students type without any obstacles on a high quality keyboard and not be able to cheat, but that I can observe more keenly if they are using the right fingers on the right keys--something I could not do with the cardboard blocks. 

- Megan, Elk Ridge Middle School

Where has this product been? I've used flimsy covers that would get dirty easily and full sheets of paper taped to the keyboards to help teach touch typing but this product is a much better solution! The on/off switch makes it easy to enforce strategies without disruption to the classroom while establishing the habit of using a traditional keyboard.

- Julianna, Jordan School District

This product works wonderfully with online learn-to-type programs. Learners can turn off all letter lights or choose specific ones they are working on to turn off and on. It looks good and is comfortable to use. We love it!

- Jared, Cheney School Districct