Multi-School Keyboarding Competition

The KeyMaster® Keyboarding competition is a FREE event that takes place twice a year in December and May. All students grades 3-9 are invited to participate. Limited event participation is available for grades 10-12. This is an online touch typing competition that any public or private schools are invited to participate in.

This event is sponsored by KeyMaster® Keyboarding.  We hope this activity is a fun and engaging way to encourage strong keyboarding skills in your classrooms through competition and recognition!

Fall Keyboarding Competition Dates

December 9-13, 2024


After registering please read the Competition Guidelines and Event Details so you are familiar with the rules and expectations.

On December 6th you will receive an email containing Teacher Instructions.  Please familiarize yourself with the Teacher Instructions before having your students compete.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE IT!

 KeyMaster Keyboarding Competition Guidelines  Event Details  Competition Registration

Fall 2023 Keyboarding
Competition Winners


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