Our Story and Mission

Kelly Seale founder KeyMaster<sup>®</sup> Electronics

KeyMaster® Electronics was founded in Orem, Utah by teacher and entrepreneur Kelly Seale.  Kelly has taught keyboarding and computer courses in Nebo and Alpine School Districts for 17 years and has worked as Nebo District's CTE program specialist in Business and Marketing Education.

During her career as a business and keyboarding teacher, Kelly observed that students who didn't master the keyboard all had the same problem:  They all looked at their fingers instead of memorizing the keys.  Any of the available options to cover their fingers to discourage this seemed to be flawed and lacking in one way or another.  Keyboarding skins, covers, and boxes were awkward and often ineffective for students.  There had to be a better way!

Kelly also observed that the traditional keyboard wasn't customized for use in the classroom and that the omission of a few specific keys, such as the Num Lock and Insert keys, could eliminate common problems and make a big difference in a student's keyboarding experience.  With these observations in mind, the KeyMaster® Learning Lights Keyboard was designed to offer a better keyboarding education to young learners.

It is our mission to improve our student's keyboarding experience so that every student can achieve touch type mastery.  We hope that you find great success in educating these young learners and that our products can enhance and accelerate your keyboarding programs.