Christmas Holiday Keyboarding Lesson Plan Activity

Jingle & Type - North Pole Job Application

Christmas Holiday Keyboarding and Typing Lesson Plan For Teachers


Purpose: This holiday typing activity aims to improve keyboarding students' typing skills while introducing practical aspects of job advertisement creation. By crafting engaging ads for North Pole roles, students will enhance their typing proficiency and gain insights into communication and design in a festive, imaginative context, merging skill development with creative expression.


1. Ask students to choose their favorite North Pole job listed on the Jingle & Type PDF and explain the purpose of a help wanted ad.

 2. Have students open a word processing document or slide template to create a help-wanted ad for their chosen North Pole job.

 3. Tell students they must format their help wanted ad to include:

* Job Title Heading - Red, Underlined, Italics, Centered
* Minimum of 4 job/additional requirements and 3 job perks listed below
* 1 additional job requirement and 1 additional perk that you create on your own
* At least one image to make it more eye-catching and festive
* Any additional formatting to make your job listing look appealing and professional


Note: (Students may type the requirements and job perks word for word in bulleted form or summarize each one as desired. Creativity is always a plus!) Sample Ad Link

Materials Needed:

A timer and precut writing prompts for the students to choose from. (Small treats as desired.)

KeyMaster® Variation: For an added challenge, use the KeyMaster® Keyboard to blank out learner’s keys to eliminate selective letter choices. 

Additional Variations: Students can be encouraged to make up their own North Pole job along with its job requirements and perks. Help-wanted ads can be printed and displayed around the classroom or hallway as a Christmas decoration.

Additionally, students can type a resume and brief cover letter to apply for one of the North Pole help-wanted ads created by a peer student.

Time Required: Teacher’s discretion 

Download this Lesson Plan as a PDF Here:  Jingle & Type: North Pole Job Application

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