Logo Alphabet

Logo Alphabet


Purpose: This activity is intended to foster friendly competition between classmates by typing an alphabet made out of brand logos. This assignment combines brand recognition with typing skills, challenging students to identify and type the full brand name for 26 lettered logos. Students compete to be the first to correctly complete all 26 brands.


1. Display a logo alphabet of 26 one-letter brand logos.

2. Using Word or Google Docs, challenge your students to type the full brand name of all 26 logo letters within a certain time frame (ex: 10 minutes)

3. Tell students there will be a prize for the first student to type all 26 brands correctly without any typing errors!

4. After a certain amount of time, consider allowing students to use the internet to look for logos to help them find more difficult logos.

5. Have students shout out when they think they have all the brands correctly. The teacher should check for both brand name accuracy and typing accuracy.

6. The first student who types all the brand names correctly, without errors, is the winner. If students have errors in any of their company names, they don't win and have to edit to try to win again.

Materials Needed: A small prize with a well-known brand name, like a fun-size Snickers candy bar and a Logo Alphabet.

Time Required: 15-20 Minutes


Have students create their own brand alphabet with brands they love and use every day. Students can try to guess the brands of peer students. A small prize can be given for the most creative brand alphabet. 

Working in teams, have students make a new brand alphabet and then have neighboring students complete each other's cards. Students can check each others answers to confirm company name accuracy AND typing accuracy. 

For an added challenge, use the KeyMaster® Keyboard to blank out learner’s keys and have them type 5 brands they use daily (ie... Crest, Nike, Pepsi, Cheerios, Netflix)

Download this Lesson Plan as a PDF Here:  Logo Loco - Brand Alphabets!

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