Riddle Me This! St. Patricks Day Typing Activity

Riddle Me This! St. Patricks Day Typing Activity

Riddle Me This St. Patricks Day Lesson Activity

Purpose:  Top o' the mornin' to you! In this charmed lesson, students will solve magical St. Patrick's Day riddles, typing out their answers faster than a leprechaun chasing a pot of gold. Students will enhance their typing skills while using critical thinking in this activity. Don your green typing cap, grab your lucky keyboard, and let the typing shenanigans begin—may your fingers dance as lively as an Irish jig!


  1. Display the “Riddle Me This”  slide presentation.

  2. Direct students to open word processing software.

  3. Tell students they will type out each riddle and use the answer key provided on each slide to type their answer. There are 12 riddles. (The number 12 is often considered a lucky number in many cultures and traditions. In Western cultures, the number 12 is thought to be lucky because it has 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 hours of daylight, and 12 hours of darkness, and there are 12 apostles in the New Testament of the Bible. In other cultures, the number 12 is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and harmony.)

  4. Emphasize the importance of accuracy and encourage students to focus on proper typing techniques. (A small prize of a chocolate gold coin can be given to every student who completes the activity.)

  5. Start a timer as each riddle is displayed. (Time may be determined by the teacher.)

  6. Review student answers using the last slide.

Materials Needed:  A timer and the “Riddle Me This” slide presentation. Word processing program (Microsoft Word or Google Docs). A timer.

Time Required: 35+ minutes


Students can be encouraged to create their own lucky riddles using any of the answer prompts provided or one of their own.

Students can be encouraged to create their own riddles surrounding common superstitions.

KeyMaster® Variation:

Use the KeyMaster® Learning Lights Keyboard and add to the challenge of the activity.  After each riddle is answered, ask the students to blackout 3-5 keys.  Repeat until the entire keyboard is blank.

Download this Lesson Plan as a PDF Here:  Riddle Me This!

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