2.0 Mechanical KeyMaster Keyboard - FAQ

Quick Tips

How do I increase the brightness of the keyboard?

    Press Fn + Up arrow to increase keyboard brightness.  Press Fn + Down arrow to decrease keyboard brightness.

    How do I turn on or off specific keys?

      Press the set key (to the right of F12) + any key to turn on or off individual lighting.

      What is the lock key for?

      The lock key can be used to lock and hold specific lighting settings.  For example, you could use the Set command (#2 above) to turn off the entire home row of keys.  Then press and hold the Lock key for 3 seconds.  The keyboard will flash on and off, then the red Lock indicator light will signal that the keyboard lighting is locked.  Altering key lighting is now disabled until the Lock key is pressed again for 3 seconds and the red Lock indicator light is off.

      How do I use PrtSc, Scrlk, Pause or Num?

      Press Fn + PrtSc key to use the print screen feature.  Press Fn + Scrlk to toggle on or off the Scroll Lock feature.  Press Fn + Pause to use the Pause feature.  Press Fn + Num to toggle on or off the Num Lock feature. 

      What is your Return Policy?

      Please refer to our Return Policy page for more information on our return policy.

      Do you have a Product Warranty?

      Yes we do!  All KeyMaster® Electronics products are covered by a two-year limited warranty. We warranty the product against defects under ordinary classroom or consumer use for two years from the date of purchase.  Learn more on our policies page.

      What Operating Systems is the Keyboard Compatible with?

      The Learning Lights Keyboard is compatible with Windows OS, macOS, and Chrome operating systems