April Fools Keyboarding Fun!

April Fools Keyboarding Fun!

Calling all typing enthusiasts and pranksters! Are you ready to inject some fun into your April Fools’ Day celebrations? Here are a couple of light-hearted pranks that are sure to bring some laughter (and maybe a little confusion) to your typing classroom.  

  1. Grow a Keyboard

For this playful prank, you'll need an old keyboard that you don’t mind sprucing up a bit. (You will either need to start growing your keyboard in advance of April Fools, or have students come back from Spring Break to find this gardening surprise!)Use a broken keyboard or head over to your local thrift store to find a keyboard similar to the one owned by your target. Now, instead of planting seeds, we're going to use pre-grown grass or herbs from a nearby nursery (or your front lawn if it's looking lush).

Carefully place the plants and dirt in between the keys of the keyboard. If necessary, remove the cover to insert them, but be sure to leave some greenery peeking through the cracks. Once you've transformed the keyboard into a tiny garden, swap it out with your victim’s keyboard and get ready for the puzzled looks!

  1. Typing Ghosts

Ready to give your students good chuckle? This prank involves a little bit of stealth and a lot of imagination. Simply plug in a second keyboard into your target's computer or cross-plug student keyboards to each other if possible, keeping the cords hidden under desks. Now, the fun begins!

  • 2 Keyboards: From the safety of another desk, start typing random letters, codes, or messages when you hear your unsuspecting victim typing away.  Start with subtle keystrokes, making them think they’re just having a bit of a typo day. Then, gradually increase the complexity until they’re left scratching their heads, wondering if their computer has been possessed!
  • Cross Connected Classroom Keyboards: Similarly, you can ask all students to begin typing any assignment and watch their amazement as different words pop up on their screen!
    1. Mouse Post-It

    If you can't get your hands on your students keyboards, don't worry, you can still have a tech-savvy laugh by playing a simple prank on their mouse. Grab a small post-it note or tape and carefully place it over their mouse sensor. Back in the day, people used to remove the roller ball from the back of someone’s mouse to render it useless. 

    Remember, the key to a good prank is to keep it light-hearted and ensure everyone can laugh about it afterward. Happy typing and April Fools’ Day fun!

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