Keyboarding: A Critical Skill



Then and Now: Touch type keyboarding skills are a critical skill in today's digital world.

Keyboarding Then and Now

Mom had a typewriter, and she was good at it!  I loved watching her skim over the keys as she typed, only occasionally needing to stop and make a correction with her white-out tape and then quickly continuing on.  I was amazed by her speedy hands.  I was impressed by her knowledge of the machine!  I admired my mom for her skill and recognized the benefits of her quick hand.

If ever I needed a school assignment to look extra nice, mom was always willing to type it up for me.  I recognized her skill and wanted to acquire it myself.  I had my first chance in 7th grade in Keyboarding class.  The teacher would dictate 2 new letters each day that we would practice repeatedly on the typewriter.  Day by day, letter by letter, I learned the QWERTY keyboard and felt empowered that I had acquired this skill.

Keyboarding Skills are More Important than Ever

While a long time has now passed since the days of the typewriter, one thing has stayed the same:  Keyboarding is a valuable skill that no one should go without.  More than valuable.  Critical!  In fact, eighty-two percent of all jobs in the U.S. require some level of computer proficiency and keyboarding skill.

As education progresses and certain skills become obsolete, schools and teachers must maintain their resolve to teach keyboarding as part of their classroom curriculum.  Twenty-five years after that junior high keyboarding class I am STILL grateful for the keyboarding skill I acquired.  I use it every day.  Every.  Day.

It has been with me every step of the way throughout my high school and college education.  It has made me a more effective educator, a more efficient employee, and a more capable person.

I am a believer in keyboarding education.  I hope that I can inspire my students to become master typists just as my mother inspired me to do the same. 

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