4 Team Activities for Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy Building

4 Team Activities for Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy Building

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We know there are too many keyboarding games and resources out there, and many of them aren’t worth your time.  So we’ve picked “Four Team Favorites” for building speed and accuracy.  

**Adapt or revise the games to suit the ages and needs of your students.  Keyboarding games build interest and enthusiasm and provide an element of fun. These four examples add the element of team competition.

Crosscountry Run

Divide the class into several teams – no more than three students to a team. Give each team a name.  Give a series of two-minute keyboarding tests.  Add the total number of net words typed by the members of each team and divide by the number of “runners” in the team to find the average.  This computation will give the standing of the teams at the end of the first mile.  Repeat the test twice, each time adding the average of the previous score. 

Accuracy Marathon

Have students type until they make an error.  As students miss, they raise their hands to find out the number of seconds or minutes they typed accurately. Many students like the element of competition involved.  For grades K-2, have the students practice hitting the proper keys while learning home row, and for grades 3-6, have the students practice words, phrases, or sentences.

Typing Golf 

Divide the class into groups of four.  Have the class type for two minutes on new material.  Perfect papers are par.  Each error counts as one stroke over par.  Each group competes against the other groups.  The group with the lowest score is the winner.

Typing Bridge

Students are grouped into fours.  Each foursome divides into two couples.  They are timed for one minute.  Scores are determined, and the two partners add their scores together.  The highest couple of the two couples move on to the next set of four computers and change partners.

**For added fun in each of these team typing activities, use the Learning Lights Keyboard to blank out learner’s keyboards for extra exciting rounds and added competition.

Download this Lesson Plan as a PDF Here:  4 Team Activities for Keyboarding Speed & Accuracy Building Lesson Plan

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