Typing Basketball--Team Competition

Typing Basketball--Team Competition

Basketball Typing Activity - Keyboarding Class


Purpose:  This activity is intended to foster friendly competition between classmates by adapting the game of basketball to motivate students to excel in their typing speeds.  The faster a student types, the more points they score for their team.  


  1. Divide your class into two equal teams.

  2. Depending on what is appropriate for class, have the students complete a 2, 3, or 5-minute timed writing.

  3. As in the real game of basketball, there are three ways to score points (a regular shot, a three-point shot, and a foul shot).  You will want to set your point total equivalents for your class based on the speeds your students are capable of achieving.  For example:  

If a student achieves a typing score between 15 and 20 wpm, their team is awarded 1 point (foul shot).

If a student achieves a typing score between 21 and 29 wpm, their team is awarded 2 points (regular shot).

If a student achieves a typing score equal to or greater than 30 wpm, their team is awarded 3 points (three point shot).

Note:  Adjust the type speed range and point equivalents based on the skill level of your class.

4.  Upon completion of the timed writing, add each team member’s score to the team total.  This can be accomplished by visiting each team member and adding their score based on their wpm.  Another option would have students indicate by show of hands how many had one point, two points, and three points.

5.  Record the team totals four times to represent the 4 quarters played in a real basketball game.  Note:  This “basketball” game could be played in one class period or spread out over four different class periods.  

Materials Needed:  Keyboarding software (like typesy.com, edutyping.com, typing.com, or freetypinggame.net) with access to varying lengths of timed writings, or a word processing program and a hard copy of timed writing text.

KeyMaster® Variation:  For an added challenge, use the KeyMaster® Keyboard to blank out learner’s keys for extra exciting rounds.

Additional Variations:  This game can become a fun and lively contest by adding little twists–encourage students to select team and player names, or create multiple teams and complete a bracket system similar to March Madness.  Awarding small prizes, extra credit points, or “make-up missing assignment” coupons to the winning team add an incentive for doing well. 

To discourage disruptive behavior, inform your students that you are the referee and may call fouls and deduct points for each fall.

Baseball Keyboarding:  The same game can also be played using a baseball theme.  One point equals a single, two points equals a double, three points equals a triple, and four points equals a home run.  As you check each student’s score, you must determine how many runs have been scored by each team based on each student’s wpm.  Anyone that doesn’t maintain a minimum speed is an automatic out.  Three outs ends that team’s at bat.  Once the teams have run through their entire lineup, the team with the most runs scored wins.

Time Required:  Teacher’s discretion

Adapted From:  “Basketball & Baseball Keyboarding” by Dom Annuniziata, Wayne, NJ.

Download this Lesson Plan as a PDF Here:  Typing Basketball--Team Competition

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